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Before Madeleine Kimble´s mountaineer husband, Aidan, climbs Mount McKinley´s south face, he makes her a solemn vow: I will come back to you. But late one night, Maddie gets the devastating news that Aidan has died in an avalanche, leaving her to care for their son-a small boy with a very big secret. The call comes from J.C., Aidan´s best friend and fellow climber, whose grief is seasoned with survivor´s guilt . . . and something more. J.C. has loved Maddie for years, but he never wanted his chance with her to come at so terrible a cost.

Across the country, Nicholas Sullivan wakes from a motorcycle crash with his memory wiped clean. Yet his dreams are haunted by visions of a mysterious woman and a young boy, neither of whom he has ever met. Convinced that these strangers hold the answers he seeks, Nicholas leaves everything behind to find them. What he discovers will require a leap of faith that will change all of their lives forever.

"This absorbing first effort brings to mind the mountaineers of a Jon Krakauer read, the tenderness of a Nicholas Sparks novel, and the enduring love story of Charles Martin´s The Mountain between Us, all sprinkled with a heady dose of passion. Colin is an author to watch and savor." -Booklist

"Dazzlingly original and as haunting as a dream, Emily Colin´s mesmerizing debut explores the way memory, love, and great loss bind our lives together in ways we might never expect. From its audacious opening to its knockout last pages, I was enthralled."
-Caroline Leavitt
, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You

"In The Memory Thief, love itself is a character, able to transcend all natural boundaries to find its way home...or learn to let go. Colin writes with heartbreaking conviction about loss, and yet there is a knowing sweetness at the core of this richly emotional tale. A lovely, self assured debut from a writer to watch." -Joshilyn Jackson, author of A Grownup Kind of Pretty and Gods in Alabama


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